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Hey guys, it's me.. TheMercenary04. One of the co-founders. So I have read in the past weeks of why some your work hasn't been accepted, for starters is simple. One some of you submit it in the wrong folders or in my occasion sometimes I am unsure of the characters at times and whether or not change it of folder when I mistakenly accept it but that's not the bad thing as much.

It's the constant feeling my mood drops down a lot and sometimes I don't feel like doing certain things and such, I know I may sound like I am making excuses but be grateful you don't have anxiety's attack and your own mind is tormenting you that much.

The college for me is even taking my time away to even barely do my own work and hobby, when i have times I can surely check on the work and accept it but when things go bad I just accept some and delete the rest so I have my own time too.

So if any please just bare with me, I even feel guilty when I don't accept your art work but it's just those time my own brain just goes numb and want's to get things right out of the bat.
The Au Undertale got full in no time, I had the feeling it was going to happen since there has been a lot of those in the club lately and i am impressed there's a lot of those lately, I fixed the issue and made a new folder for it so don't worry guys, you can submit the art in the new folder.
As we all seen we got into the spirit of xmas and the new year and I have to say I am impress the amount of determination you guys have to put your effort into your work, I am greatly proud of each one of you to achieve that, I am also impressed the amount of Au'a people has worked into after the game got great hit, even though some of the Au's are base of the same thing but still I am amazed how many they are and the amount of Oc's you guys have made as well, but in all honestly we're really happy to have you guys on our club even after some small misunderstandings that occurred we're still happy to have you each one of you here and we hope we still some of your guys art here still 😁
Ok people I was having my patient on this one but I am just can't handle it and I am getting a bit angry to be honest.

I am getting tired you guys post some of the character that are not related to Flowey what's so ever. We sometimes get complains of why we decline some of the deviations, that is why because you guys first don't read the Journal about the rules so please read the Journal so this doesn't happen again and just to be clear Flowey is the flower, not Sans or Frisk because people been submitting those in Flowey folder.
Hello Everyone from UNDERTALE-CLUB!!

Over the passed 12 hours, I know few members in the group that are happy/mad about the Elections in America. Due to this, they have been trying to post Memes and Fan Artworks about the Election with Hate or Love. Even though you have a right for free speech, anything about the Elections isn't Undertale related. From now on we aren’t accepting anything that talks about the Elections in this group. We do not want any fights about this Election or having hurtful memes. If you want to talk about the Election, please take it to Twitter or Facebook or Keep it on your own DA Profile. Here is only Undertale love, not Elections. We hope you understand and have a great day.

From, Your Admins


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